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Vauxhall Vivaro-e Vans Are Best In Class

The new Vauxhall Vivaro-e electric van was launched earlier this year and has already made a significant impact in the world of electric motor vehicles. Vivaro vans are known for their simplicity, maneuverability, and space in the back. They have always been a favourite of businesses, particularly those involved in trades requiring a place for tools during call-outs.

The Vauxhall Vivaro-e continues this tradition, but with the added incentives of zero noise, and excellent range for an electric van - its 134bhp electric motor has a range of 143 miles in standard form rising to 205 miles with an optional (75kWh) battery pack. It’s no surprise then that British Gas have ordered 1000 Vivaro-e Vans from Vauxhall to be rolled out across its fleet over the next twelve months.  

The Vivaro-e Van Is Versatile

As mentioned, the Vivaro-e battery has an excellent range for an electric van and a battery size choice. The standard battery will give you up to 143 miles, while the optional larger battery will offer up to 205 miles. As a result, British Gas are upskilling their engineers in EV charging and accelerating EV adoption for home and business with charger installs and EV tariffs. Additionally, the Vivaro-e battery is flat-shaped, meaning it doesn’t take up valuable room in the cabin and helps stabilize the van’s centre of gravity.  

The Vivaro-e Van Is Smart

British Gas uses their Vivaro vans every day for call outs, repairs, and installs, so adding 1000 Vivaro-e vans to their fleet is a big statement. It says they have enough confidence in the electric batteries to rely on them on a day-to-day basis. And they are not only investing in the vans; they are creating an infrastructure and training their engineers to use the vans efficiently. The Vivaro-e van’s smart technology assists with these aspirations. It features a regenerative braking system that captures kinetic energy when the foot is taken off the accelerator, thereby extending the van’s range. Using the highest setting means short journeys can be made without using the brakes - an excellent cost-saving strategy.      

The Vivaro-e Van Is Fast-Charging

British Gas announced it aimed to reduce emissions in the communities where they operate and improve air-quality; part of their commitment is to help businesses and consumers with charging points for their electric vehicles. The fast-charging battery of the Vivaro-e is of tremendous benefit to British Gas and other companies, wishing to strike a balance between reducing emissions and maintaining productivity. In only 30 minutes, the Vivaro-e battery can be charged to 80% capacity at a 100kW public charger. The battery can be easily charged overnight with the on-board 7.4 kW charger.  

The agreement between Vauxhall and British gas is pivotal because it represents the beginning of the future for commercial electric vehicles. Tradespeople across the country rely on their vans, and British Gas’s decision to electrify its fleet over the long term inspires confidence in others to do the same. Furthermore, the trade-off between efficiency and productivity is becoming less of an issue with smart vans such as the Vauxhall Vivaro-e. 

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