Vauxhall To Release The Mokka-C – Fuelled Solely From Cocoa Beans!

Added: 01 April 2018

Vauxhall announce plans for a surprising addition to their SUV fleet – The Mokka-C!

This one-of-a-kind car is set to really take the car market by storm. Green living will never be the same again after the release of this highly advanced vehicle!

Research carried out by Professor Carmel Sugar at the University of Vox Hill, led to the creation of an exclusive engine for this new Vauxhall model, stemming from her love of chocolate and caffeine. After meticulous testing, Professor Sugar partnered up with Vauxhall to release the most fuel efficient car to date, with hopes to expand and bring waste and CO2 down to a bare minimum across the globe.

Powered By Plants

The Mokka-C will have never seen before, state-of-the-art technology, with its specially designed engine that is powered by cocoa bean waste. This makes the announcement this month the perfect time to excite Vauxhall and eco-lovers with the new model, as the UK will have an abundance of excess Easter eggs after the Easter bank holiday. This means that the Mokka-C literally has zero emissions and is the only car to run 100% off green, renewable energy. And with integrated design, the Mokka-C’s cocoa bean exhaust tips act like the normal label on a fuel cap in reminding drivers to avoid the petrol station and head to their local café for fuel – saving time in side-stepping those rush hour queues!

Mokka C

Unique Design

The Mokka-C encompasses its name within its design, with cocoa bean features reflected from the contrasting roof, to the personally and uniquely designed mocha wheels.

The outer colour scheme perfectly reflects the layering of a delicious mocha drink with a cream contrast roof, milky body colour, and dark brown trims. On top of this, the car will stand out from any crowd with its unique coffee bean shaped rear lights which elegantly shine bright in all conditions with its LED daytime running lights.

Like any Mokka, it will perk up your day and power you through all tough trails with its intelligent four-wheel drive system, conquering every bump in the road with ease. For those trips where you need to disguise some mud, the unique ombré body colour, and the stylish mocha splashes on the doors, will cover up dirt and keep your one-of-a-kind Mokka-C completely camouflaged from all marks and scuffs.

Mokka C Front

Designed By Cocoa-Loving Designers

You can’t have a Mokka-C without a refreshing cup of Joe! That’s why our Limited Edition Mokka-C is fitted with an ultramodern coffee machine within the dashboard. So no matter where you are, you can keep your taste buds quenched whilst listening to your favourite tunes, at the same time as navigating your way from A to B. Forget about the drive-through with this handy gadget on board.

To emphasise the authenticity of this exquisite model, the Mokka-C interior is laced with an exceptional mocha colour scheme. Like no other car, the creaminess of your favourite hot beverage is reflected from the dashboard, all the way through to the one-of-a-kind two-toned steering wheel. With premium leather and hand-stitched upholstery, this SUV is like no other! It’s outstandingly styled gear stick makes gear changes smoother than ever as the handle fits perfectly in the drivers’ hand, due to its oval-shaped design which emulates to all passengers of its zero emission, cocoa bean power.

Mokka C Interior

Coming Soon

The Mokka-C’s elite design and distinctive fuel source mean it will be exclusively available for Easter 2018, when it will offer a matchless entry to the SUV car market! It will fit alongside the New Vauxhall Mokka X in Vauxhall’s line-up fleet.

So if you’re a fan of a mocha, you can expect to see this special model in your local Drive Vauxhall Dealership soon!