All new Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport which is due out summer 2017

Added: 23 December 2016

As 2016 draws to a close we’ve got one last bit of exciting news for you ahead of the festive break in the form of an all new Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport which is due out summer 2017. The overall look and feel of the new model has taken its lead inspiration from the Monza concept which was first launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013.

Slim headlights and a more vertical grille sit at the front of the new Insignia and will also feature what Vauxhall have dubbed the ‘sweepspear’ which is a deep crease beginning low down near the sill and moves up just ahead of the rear wheel arch and the rear offers split taillamps and a third LED brake light which has been neatly integrated into the top of the rear windscreen.

The Insignia Grand Sport gets a longer wheelbase by 92mm but via the reduction of overhangs the actual length of the vehicle doesn’t increase all that much, the roofline has been lowered which in turn gives the new model a more coupe like effect. The 92mm increase in the model should allow for more space in the rear cabin for passengers helping allow for a more executive and premium feel for passengers. The boot capacity is a respectable 490 litres with the seats up, this further increases by an impressive 1,450 litres when the split rear seats are folded down making the Insignia Grand Sport great competition for its rivals in terms of space.

The clever switch to a new platform underpinning the new model means that whilst the wheelbase has increased the overall weight of the model hasn’t and in fact it’s actually 175kg lighter than the outgoing model which in turn combined with an efficient line up of petrol and diesel powertrains should result in an Insignia with both improved fuel efficiency and performance.

If you’re interested in a sportier Insignia then the four-wheel-drive model features multi-plate clutches instead of the rear differential which allows the offering of torque vectoring, similar design is used in the sporty Ford Focus RS models. It allows for better traction in harsh conditions and allows for crisper turns.  

Step inside and the dashboard has had a stylish makeover with an infotainment screen taking centre stage and replacing the host of buttons currently built into the central console which very much modernises the models interior. Featuring a wealth of technology including the infamous Vauxhall OnStar which includes a whole selection of options from safety features to driver assist to 4G connectivity to keep your passengers entertained. Smartphone connectivity is also at the forefront of the offering with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto available!
Driver assist and safety technology will also be an important part of the Insignia Grand Sport offering with IntelliLux LED matrix lighting which allows the light beams to focus around corners and offer up to 400metres of light to assist the driver and options such as rear cross traffic alert and adaptive cruise control.

Pricing Updates

A Grand Sport Estate will follow later in 2017 and be named the Vauxhall Insignia Grand Tourer. That’s all for now folks, check back early next year for further specification and pricing updates for the all new Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport from your friendly Drive Vauxhall team!