New Vauxhall Grandland X

Added: 27 December 2016

The SUV market is currently booming and becoming increasingly popular and Vauxhall are ensuring they keep up with the automotive market with an increased focus on this area. The brand have announced its new C-segment SUV will be named the Grandland X and will join the ever growing SUV line up next year sitting it alongside the recently launched Mokka X and recently revealed Crossland X.

The components which will make up the Grandland X have come about by the brand working with PSA Peugeot Citroen Group and the plan is to create a model which rivals the likes of the recently launched SEAT Ateca, Renault Kadjar and Nissan Qashqai whilst still offering a family suitable car. Set to be around 4.5 metres long the five-seater will share PSA’s EMP2 platform which has been used in the new 3008 and 5008 models.

The addition of the Grandland X to the Mokka X and Crossland X allows Vauxhall to offer an SUV range which covers an all-wheel-drive SUV and two stylish yet practical crossovers which offer varied sizes and equipment. The Vauxhall Grandland X is expected to make its debut in the autumn of 2017 at the Germany based Frankfurt Motor Show which suggests sales will begin at the start of 2018. Engine’s are yet to be fully confirmed but due to the underpinning components coming from working with PSA it’s likely to be a mix of both PSA and GM’s engines which will likely start at small turbocharged petrols for entry level models and a 2.0-litre diesel for the higher end versions. The use of the EMP2 platform also leaves the option open for a plug-in hybrid version to.

As well as the three SUV’s already mentioned there will be the addition of the Adam X on the horizon, a model previously mentioned by Mary Barra the GM CEO back in 2014. The addition of the Adam SUV will for now be the last part of the SUV push for the brand and will be focusing on the next generation of city cars with style and personalisation being key elements of the model. Vauxhall are currently heavily investing in powertrains and planning on introducing 17 new engines by 2020 which means that the SUV line up should be some of the most efficient on the market when they launch.

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