New Vauxhall Combo wins International Van of the Year 2019

Added: 08 November 2018

The New Vauxhall Combo has beaten out competition such as the Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Connect and Courier for the International Van Of The Year Award 2019. This is the most coveted award in the Light Commercial Vehicle industry and as such, makes the win all the more gratifying. You might be wondering what it was that gave this van the edge over the competition. Well, we’ve got the answer for you right here.

International Van of the Year

Driver Enjoyment

One of the deciding factors for the Combo was down to the driver enjoyment. This is crucial for any vehicle because if the driver is not going to enjoy driving the car, nobody is going to buy it. However, Vauxhall has managed to create a van that is comfortable, spacious and at the same time full of features that are in place to assist the driver.

Heated front seats and steering wheel add extra comfort for those chilly days and nights. Driver comfort is something that Vauxhall thought about the entire time they were building this van. Every trim has slightly different features, and it doesn’t matter what you are looking for, one of the trims likely has it.


The new combo is fitted with ultra-efficient engines. As Vauxhall have used a range of top-notch engines, the fuel consumption has been greatly improved, and the CO2 emissions have been reduced. The economy is important to Vauxhall, and that is why they have strived and succeeded in making a van that is as efficient as possible.

Depending on what trim you get, there will be a different engine under the hood. So, whether you want a low-cost petrol engine or a powerful yet efficient diesel, Vauxhall have thought of it all. This was one of the deciding factors when it came to who got the award, and Vauxhall certainly swept the floor on the economy side of things.

Vauxhall Combo

Assistance Systems

You can expect great things from this van when it comes to the way that it assists drivers and helps to keep the drive as safe as possible. It is equipped with a whole host of features that you are sure to love. These include forward collision alert, pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking, hill descent control and many other wonderful features that will make for a safe journey. The Combo is packed with the standard safety features, but as you can see, Vauxhall has really set the bar here.

As well as this, the Combo also has automatic cruise control and a new Flank Guard system. This alerts you if there are any obstacles at the back of your vehicle whether this is a pillar, a wall, a pedestrian, another vehicle or anything else that it senses is close behind you.

Thanks to these systems, it makes this van one of the safest. While it is not on the market yet, when it is, it is sure to be a huge hit thanks to these assistance systems.

We hope that you found this article helpful and understand some of the main reasons that the new Vauxhall Combo won the coveted International Van Of The Year Award 2019.

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