What Do You Get With The New Ultimate Grandland X?

Added: 23 May 2018

This Spring, Vauxhall introduced the new Ultimate trim for the Grandland X model in it’s range. The new Grandland X Ultimate is accompanied with the Astra Hatch in this release, entailing a number of new features which you can expect.

In-Car Entertainment

On top of the Grandland’s IntelliLink infotainment, which simply connects your devices to the car so you can play your favourite music and stay in touch with all you contacts, a Denon premium sound system is fitted. This state-of-the-art system ensures that all passengers get an amazing experience when listening to the tunes you have playing. With this new model you can also take a trip without the worry that your phone will run out of battery, or whether you have forgotten you charging cable. This is thanks to the Ultimate Grandland’s wireless phone charging as it means you can forget your cable and still get a fully charged mobile phone!

New Ultimate Grandland X

Brilliant Driver Assistance

If you already love the Grandland X, then you will know about its already amazing features that assist the driver, so that every journey is smooth and stress free. This includes the IntelliGrip control system which optimises the traction of the front-wheel drive of the SUV, so that no matter how difficult the driving conditions are, the Grandland has it under control. Improving on this, the UItimate Grandland X has adaptive cruise control which automatically adjusts the vehicles speed to ensure you keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Additionally, this new model comes with a 360 degree Panoramic camera, so when parking, the driver has a full view of everything around them, ensuring you have an extra pair of eyes at all times.

Ultimate Grandland X

Upgraded Benefits

Like the name, this new model has upgraded to Ultimate luxury! Whilst the comfortable and ergonomic AGR sports seats give all passengers excellent support. In addition to this, to improve your Grandland experience, this Ultimate model adds heated windscreen, heated steering wheel, and heated rear seats. So, even in the darkest and coldest of trips, this SUV will keep you warm, protected, and bright thanks to the projector headlights which comes in the premium LED Adaptive Forward Lighting Pack.

Rear Ultimate Grandland X

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