Best Test Drive Routes In Aldershot

Added: 05 April 2018

Our Drive Vauxhall dealership in Aldershot is perfect for not only supplying our customers with amazing cars and servicing, but is also a great location for test driving! That’s why we have found the perfect location for you to drive around Aldershot when you visit our dealership.

Waverley Abbey, Farnham

Waverley Abbey is enriched with brilliant history and gives visitors the perfect view of southern England. Many people won’t know that the Abbey was the first monastery founded in Britain after French monks settled in this Surrey location by the River Wey in 1128. This Cistercian attraction can enlighten visitors to life in the 13th century as the vaulted refectory and dining hall still remains today! For those that aren’t interested in the history of Waverley Abbey, you can recreate your own movie scenes as the abbey was used in Disney’s Into The Woods (2014) and Elizabeth (1998).

Waveryley Abbey

Farnham Castle, Farnham

Although Farnham Castle has 900 years of history, this medieval estate is alive and kicking, with historical associations ensuring the castle grounds are preserved. The castle was built by the Bishops of Winchester to be used as the perfect pit stop between journeys from London to Winchester for many English monarchs, from King John to Queen Victoria.

Today, Farnham Castle holds historic guided tours as well as being the perfect spot for weddings, parties, and those who want to enjoy the grounds with some good food and a good sleep – the perfect pit stop when travelling to our Drive dealership!

Farnham Castle

Basing House, Basingstoke

Situated a little bit of a drive away in Old Basing, Basing House’s huge circular bank and castle ditch features can be seen from the original architecture, built in the 1100s. The de Port family who build the house arrived in Hampshire with William the Conqueror in the Norman Invasion of 1066. The house was rebuilt by the first Marquess of Winchester and Lord Treasurer of England in 1535 and was the largest private house in the country in its heyday. Now the grounds show an insight into Tudor England and is the perfect location for a Spring walk.

Basing House

Preston Candover, Basingstoke

If you want to drive a scenic route, driving through Preston Candover is the perfect choice for you. This rural spot is all things countryside, from its thatched cottages and rural lanes, to its array of history, including the manor of Moundsmere where the Winchester scholars were famously struck down ill. You can either stroll or cruise around the 3,457 acres of the parish, and finish off the trip with a short stop in one of the village pubs.

Preston Candover

If you want more information about test drives in Aldershot, you can contact our team and find us here.