What does the term pre-reg mean?

Added: 11 December 2017

If you’re shopping for a new or used car, the likelihood is that whilst shopping around and doing your research, you’ve come across car dealers advertising “pre-reg” or “ex-demo” deals. A deal is always good, of course, but you’d be forgiven for wondering what the term “pre-reg” actually means, and why it’s the type of offer you should be paying attention to.

With some amazing pre-reg offers on our books at the moment, we thought it was time we explained what it means and how you can use pre-reg deals to nab a real bargain.

So what is a pre-reg car?

Pre-reg, or pre-registered, refers to a new vehicle that has been bought by the dealership. This means that it officially has “one owner”, the dealer, and no longer counts as a new car. For you, the customer, this is great thing – it means that you can expect to pay used car prices for a brand new vehicle that in most cases will not have even left our forecourt.

What does pre-reg mean and why is it good?

Are pre-reg cars cheaper than new?

In short, yes. Pre-reg cars are a great deal for customers because they generally offer a discount off the new RRP, as they “officially” no longer count as new. This means that you can save a big chunk of cash – and often, our pre-reg vehicles come with a nice spec that you might not be able to afford were you speccing up a brand new car from the manufacturer.

Will a pre-reg always suit me?

Most of the time, a pre-reg car will suit customers looking for new or nearly new cars – and who can resist a bargain. The only time you might not want to choose a pre-reg car is if you have a REALLY specific idea of the exact car you want, and would like to spec it to be completely bespoke. If you need a combination of features, colours and finishes, you may find a new car is your best option.

Driving away a pre-reg car today

OK, I understand pre-reg, but what is an ex-demo car?

Another common deal or offer you might see on a dealer website is for “ex-demo” cars. These are cars that have been used by the dealership to demonstrate the cars - so they are used on short test drives, and on the forecourt for people to have a look at. It’s not quite as “new” as a pre-reg car, but often ex-demos have a great spec – and the low mileage means that you can get some very good savings.

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