What Do You Get With A Summer Health Check At Drive Vauxhall?

Added: 10 May 2018

A health check is an essential part of keeping your vehicle running smoothly, and ensuring there are no issues. During the summer months, the heat, the long days, and the sun can have a harsh effect on the efficiency of your car. This is why a summer health check can be key to having a happy summer.

Why Get A Summer Health Check?

Unless you have to, you might not even think about getting a health check for your car. But like your own body, your car needs to be given a onceover ever once in a while. Here’s why:

1. Keep Cool All Summer

As essential feature of your Vauxhall will help keep you cool throughout the summer months – the air conditioning. After your summer check you will know that your air con is working and you won’t be overheating no matter what heatwave may occur.

Car Air Conditioning

2. All Runs Smoothly

In a summer check, your car will be ensured to be functioning at its best thanks to treatment on the tyres and batteries. Your tyres will be running with at least 1.6mm tread and your battery will be left in great condition, so the heat of the summer won’t take a toll on the battery’s health.

3. Visibility All Through The Summer

To ensure you have constant windscreen visibility over the summer, your Vauxhall’s summer health check will make certain that your cars fluids are topped up and your wipers are all working properly. This will mean that any dust or droppings will easily be cleared away, as well as keeping any potential rain out of your vision.

Clean Windscreen Wipers

A Summer Health Check From Drive

Now you know why it’s important to get a summer health check, you need to know who to rely your check with – that’s why we’re here to help. Drive Vauxhall summer check and treat has been created to guarantee you have the best working car possible throughout the summer months. Our Summer Health Check includes:

25-Point Check

For just £25, we’ll check all aspects of your car including; electrics, underside, under bonnet, brakes, tyres, fluid, and potential external/internal issues. This means your car literally does have a onceover, to keep you driving throughout the long days.

Top-Ups Of Fluids

Without enough fluids in your car, your simply won’t drive properly. That’s why we’ll fill up your coolant, brake fluid, screen wash, and engine oil to half a litre, assuring you that you vital ingredients to a healthy car are all in order.

A Vauxhall Treat

As a cherry on top, when you get a summer health check with us, you’ll get a choice of three Vauxhall treat. You can choose a 3 months subscription to the music streaming service, Deezer, a Vauxhall European Travel Kit to accompany any summer plans around the continent, or a Mitchells & Butlers Dining Out Card for 2 to enjoy in a summer evening date night.

Drive Vauxhall Summer Check And Treat

Get this amazing offer from Drive Vauxhall by finding out more here where you can book your health check at your local dealership!