UK Road Conditions Continue to Decline

Added: 30 March 2017

A recent survey has revealed that one in six local roads throughout England and Wales are falling into a state of disrepair, and could be completely unusable within five years if they aren’t repaired soon. The survey of the UK road network also predicted that to bring all these roads up to scratch a staggering £12 billion is needed. There are that many potholes around the UK that one is filled every 19 seconds, however at that rate it would still take around 13 years for them to all be filled! But what do you do if you see a pothole on a local road, or even more so, what to do if your car is damaged by a pothole? Here are our top tips!

The local council

It is the responsibility of the local council to ensure that roads are kept in a good condition and potholes are filled in. Unfortunately, tighter budgets have meant that many roads go without due care and attention and are starting to fall into disrepair. If you discover a pothole on a local road go online and contact your local council to make them aware of it. It is then their responsibility to take action and repair it.

Repairing pothole damage

Take care when driving and keep an eye out for those pesky potholes. Avoid them if you can but remember to not take evasive action to avoid them as it could put other motorists at risk. Sometimes potholes are unavoidable and unfortunately they can cause damage to your tyres, suspension and other vital parts of your car. Even if you don’t suspect any damage has been done after hitting a pothole it is probably best to head to your local garage and get it checked out. You can book your car in for a service at your nearest Drive Vauxhall dealership, we’d be more than happy to check over your car!

Claiming compensation

If the council were aware of a pothole and didn’t take action to repair it you could be able to claim compensation if it has caused damage to your car. Take some notes about where the pothole was, and pictures of the damage to your car. Be sure to keep all the repair bills too. Then head to your council, they will be able to help you to begin the process of making a claim.