Pre-Holiday Vehicle Checklist

Added: 31 May 2017

So you’re nearly done with packing the car for your summer holiday. You’ve got the passports and travel documents, you’ve played Tetris with the suitcases and squeezed in the all-important inflatables for the pool. Have you taken a few minutes to do your pre-journey checks? If you’re planning on taking your car abroad it’s important to take some time to make sure that your car is in full working order. Here are our top tips on what to check!


You should be checking your tyres on a fairly regular basis, however it is even more important to do so if you’re heading odd on holiday. You should look out for any cuts and bulges on the tyres and check that the tyre pressure is correct. Your tyre tread needs to be above the legal limit of 1.6mm but most garages will recommend changing them at 3mm just so you don't get caught out. 

Fluid Checks

Familiarise yourself with what’s under the bonnet of your car. Before you set off on your holiday double check and top up the windscreen wash and more importantly the oil and coolant levels.

Lights & Indicators

It’s important to make sure that all your lights and indicators are working properly, a faulty bulb will not only land you in trouble with the police but it’s also dangerous for you and other drivers. If you’re going abroad make sure you also invest in some headlight converters, just so you don’t blind any oncoming traffic when driving at night.

What To Take

Depending on the country you’re travelling to there are a number of things you may need to take. If you’re travelling to France for example then by law you need to carry a hazard triangle and reflective jacket as well as a breathalyser test. It’s best to check the individual country you’re travelling to just to make sure you have everything you need. Most importantly make sure you double check your breakdown cover and that it covers you while abroad, it’s more than likely you won’t need it but it’s useful to have to hand!