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Added: 26 January 2018

Over the past 18 months here at Drive Vauxhall, we have taken on a different car task than our normal servicing and repairs! We took a classic 1940s Lincoln Zephyr and restored it into a rejuvenated version for modern use. 

Completed Lincoln Zephyr refurb

What Is a Lincoln Zephyr?

A Lincoln Zephyr is a US manufactured, lower-priced, midsize luxury car that was produced from 1936 to the 1940s. The Lincoln Zephyr is a sedan model that was created to compete with competitor’s smaller cars such as the Cadillac LaSalle. The car is easily recognisable with its low raked windscreen and streamlined aerodynamic design, which attracted 80% of the brands sales back in 1941.

How To Refurb A Classic Car:

Follow our refurbishment journey, and learn how we restored this classic car below.

1. Dissemble

Take the car apart! Remove the wheels, all the glass, and then start on the interior like seating. Next you need to dissemble the dashboard and peel up the carpet – at this point you will discover some car dashboards remove as a whole unit and some will need removing in parts.

Lincoln Zephyr refurb

2. Remove the Drivetrain

Firstly the battery needs to be removed, and placed aside safely. Then, all the fluids need to be drained from the engine and its transmissions for safely and to prevent a messy floor. After doing this, all the engine accessories, the suspension, and wiring needs to be disconnected and removed. You should then be left with a very basic car frame, ready for renewal!

Lincoln Zephyr refurb

3. Sanding

Sanding the body of the car removes the previous paint and allows you to start building a newer, fresher coloured car. After sanding all this old paint, the car needs to be cleaned and dried to remove any excess debris.

Lincoln Zephyr refurb primer

4. Primer

The primer is essential to ensure the car has a good foundation to paint on. Two layers of evenly spread primer helps with the next step as it means the paint is applied smoothly.

Lincoln Zephyr refurb primer

5. Painting

Lincoln Zephyr refurb paint

For our restoration of the Lincoln Zephyr, we decided to opt for a classic, bold blue paint colour. This went on top of the primer, with two coats to ensure the colour was solid all over. Next, a clear gloss coat locks in the colour and gives the car a modern shine.

Lincoln Zephyr refurb paint

6. Finishing touches

Lincoln Zephyr refurb

When the paintwork has dried, the wheels can be reattached and the interior features like the seats and dashboard are fitted, leaving you with a restored, classic car!

Lincoln Zephyr refurb

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