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Is Vauxhall German or British?

Vauxhall has been a household name in the automotive industry since the 19th century.
This can be credited to the following:

  • Its rich British heritage
  • Its dedicated service to the country and the customers
  • Its customer-driven policies
  • The vast infrastructure plants that spread around the UK
  • The committed Vauxhall owners that ensure smooth operations

Vauxhall is considered one of the largest manufacturers of vehicles and one of the longest-serving brands in the country. Its manufacturing works in the automobile industry have been etched in British History since the 20th century: 1903. British Vauxhall has served the country by producing some of its best works by pioneering sports cars in the region. It also served as the core support for the country's forces during World War I and World War II.

Who Are We?

Vauxhall was founded in the 19th century. Its vehicle production was launched in 1903. In the 1980s, it was acquired by General Motors (GM) - A German company. This move divulged some of the manufacturing rights. This caused confusion as some of the models had similarities to German-manufactured vehicles. However, manufacturing plants and warehouses are spread around the country in Luton, Bedfordshire town, Cheshire, and Ellesmere Port. These plants are solely responsible for Vauxhall vehicles in the UK hence the 'Made in Britain' tag. In 2010, PSA (A French company) acquired GM to save the company from the massive losses it was making.

Vauxhall Owners

Stephen Norman, the Managing Director of Vauxhall, has made efforts to ensure that Vauxhall's products have value for money. Vauxhall owners have put in effort in advertising to preempt what is to come. The British Vauxhall cars and vehicles will be made to showcase the British heritage. Vehicles that will serve to combine technology, class, and performance. They aim to increase sales by producing cars and vans of more 'British nature.' Vauxhall owners have also taken to sports in a bid to have extensive marketing. What better way to do so than by sponsoring the England men's training kits?

What Has Kept the Company Going?

Their customer-driven principle ensures that their products satisfy their needs while giving comfort and class. This is evidenced by their cars and vans' reviews and awards in the different categories, SUVs, sports cars, family cars, light commercial vehicles, and among others. The problem-solving attitude for each need and venture has reinvented creativity over time. There is no denying that the behind the scenes research has paid off, as seen by the products. The recent advancement in technology has enabled the company to further its research in electric cars.

What To Expect?

Grounded on the three core values: Agility, efficiency, and winning together, British Vauxhall is expected to build on the current cars and vans. High-performance vehicles ranging from SUVs, commercial vehicles with a British touch are expected to be produced. Electric vehicles have for some time been the epicentre of production. By 2022, a large part of the industry, Vauxhall, will have fleets of electric cars like the new Corsa and Mokka.

Are You Still Unsure of Vauxhall?

The saying 'Made in Britain for the British" has never been so true. If you have not felt the buzz around Vauxhall, then you are yet to fully realize good performance, sustainability, and class, all in one.

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