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Is the Vauxhall Grandland X a 4x4?

Vauxhall 4x4?

We are often asked ‘Is the Vauxhall Grandland X a 4x4?’ Well SUVs and 4x4s are often grouped under the same umbrella, but while they share some similarities; a spacious interior, excellent traction, and sporty design, you cannot refer to all SUVs as 4x4 vehicles. 

Not all Vauxhall SUV's are 4x4's

However, while you cannot consider all SUVs to be 4x4s, you can call all 4x4s SUVs! The Vauxhall Grandland X uses front-wheel drive only, making it an SUV, but not a 4x4, and as such is not a proper off-road vehicle. However, it still offers plenty of benefits for those looking for a reliable, heavy-duty car that can handle most demands based around everyday tasks and errands or recreational adventure. 

Looking for a Vauxhall 4x4?

If you are looking for a Vauxhall 4x4 we do have several options such as the: Vauxhall Mokka

Vauxhall Grandland-X Front Wheel Drive

All Vauxhall Grandland X boast great front-wheel-drive capabilities, and even though it’s not strictly a 4x4 capable of four-wheel drive, there are still plenty of features that will satisfy even the most dedicated 4x4 drivers looking for a change. 

We will start where it matters: the wheels. The front-wheel-drive operation comes complete with the reliable electronic grip control to provide secure driving across a range of diverse terrains. Not only does it ensure safety, but it’s also fun, giving you a ride you’ll never forget every time to get behind the wheel. 

Five Driving Modes

It’s easily adaptable, too, with five driving modes that match the torque distribution at the front wheels and even allows wheel-spin if required. The automatic transmission also adjusts shift points and throttle response to help you get over whatever hump you come across whether the surface is secure or temperamental. 


The interior is comfortable, with ergonomic seats to prevent aches and pains on long road trips, which the Grandland X is perfect for, and the heated steering wheel ensures toasty fingers when climbing into the front on those chilly winter mornings. 

Car Tech

The tech-savvy drivers will also love the IntelliLink system, something that is standard across the Vauxhall range. You can link your smartphone to enjoy your favourite driving tunes, catch up on your podcasts, or finally finish that epic audiobook you’ve put off for far too long. The IntelliLink system also makes it easy to make and answer phone calls without compromising your safety while on the move. It will also charge your device wirelessly, so the days of fiddling with cables are over. 

Grandland X Lighting

The Grandland X also continues Vauxhall’s reputation of leading the way in lighting technology and uses innovative Adaptive Forward Lighting LED headlamps. These headlamps include cornering light, high beam assist for foggy days, and auto levelling to ensure optimal illumination and keep you visible on the road. 

Grandland X Look

We mentioned how it maintains the sporty look of what you expect from an SUV. While the rugged inspiration of classic SUVs is visible, it also boasts elegant lines with sculpted wheel arches and protective cladding which is both stylish and robust. Measuring 4477mm long and 1844mm wide, it’s a vehicle that demands you take notice. 

Muscular but smooth, sturdy and proud, the Grandland X is a front-wheel-drive SUV that can serve a purpose for all with space for five people to take road trips or just head to the shops. 


As you’d expect, you can also find the easily recognisable Vauxhall Griffin is front and centre so everyone can identify the Grandland X wherever you go. It may not be a 4x4, but it still delivers the performance you need.


Get in touch now about the Vauxhall Grandland X and book a test drive!

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