New Insignia Grand Sport Looks Incredible

Added: 12 January 2017

The Insignia is a vital component in the Vauxhall range. Few will argue that alongside the Astra and the Corsa, it’s one of the manufacturer’s most alluring propositions. This latest news then is bound to get many readers on the edge of their seats, as a brand new version of the Insignia, a redesigned, premium version in fact, has been revealed!


Taking the name Grand Sport and attaching it onto the end of ‘Insignia’ might not inspire the idea of dramatic changes in design, but just LOOK at it! 

A fierce, elegant, dropped front grille, a lowered roofline and a longer wheelbase (increased by 92mm compared to previous design), sleek, slim headlights, and sharp, dynamic ‘sweepspear’ lines down either side make this new model a sight to behold. Clearly taking many design cues from 2013’s ‘Monza Concept’, it’s not just outside the car where things are improved.


Inside the Grand Sport, it’s tech city. Wall to wall technology, complete with infotainment screen smartly nestled into the dashboard design, the latest IntelliLink and OnStar versions, incorporated Smartphone connectivity and a cleverly crafted protruding shelf to steady your hand so you can use the screen in comfort. Looks like a nice place to be, doesn’t it?

Mark Adams, Vauxhall’s VP of design said of the new Insignia, “we’ve been through a full revamp on the range; it was time to introduce what I call ‘Design 2.0’, showing where we’re going to go in the future.” It’s certainly apparently that the model is geared toward, not only the future, but to the brand’s prestige, German competitors as well.

Will a sporty Insignia pique your interest? Are you interested in a current model? Head over to our New Vauxhall Insignia page for more, or why not give your nearest Drive Vauxhall dealer a call!