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Every Vauxhall to be Electric by 2024

Every Vauxhall to be Electric by 2024

The future is electric. Ever since the introduction of the electric car back in the 1800’s the automotive industry has been striving for a way to use electricity to power our vehicles instead of using crude oil and petrol. The introduction of new technologies have allowed car manufacturers to explore electric cars in a more granular way and hence brands such as Vauxhall are stepping up to create a whole range of electric vehicles to suit all. 


Before we delve into one of the Vauxhall electric cars and its features, we will first have a rundown of the benefits of owning and running an electric car instead of a traditional one:


  • Cheaper to run - You might not realise this, but running an electric car is much cheaper than a fuel-powered car. The main reason for this is the rising cost of fuel every year that sees us spending exponential amounts of money on our cars year after year.
  • Better for the environment - One of the most obvious benefits to owning an electric car is the impact it will have on the environment. Currently, fuel-powered cars account for a huge CO2 emission and this damages our planet’s atmosphere. By making the switch to electric you will be able to travel without causing damage to the earth. 
  • Health benefits - Less fuel-powered cars on the road = less pollution. For those who suffer from a respiratory illness like asthma this is a big deal. Enjoy clean air by making the switch. 

The Vauxhall Corsa-e

Now that we know why electric cars are worth the investment it’s time to take a look at one first-hand. The Corsa-e is a wonderful electric vehicle from Vauxhall and is fitted with a range3 of charging options to make your drive the most convenient. As well as a wall box, it has a cable, as well as high-speed charging capabilities. The 50kWh battery can be charged in 30 minutes to 80%. 


The Corsa-e is an electric iteration of a well-loved model that is seen often on our roads. This electric version doesn’t compromise on style and still allows you to enjoy the sleek lines offered by the tradition Corsa models. It is a five-seater vehicle ideal for families and there are 3 driving modes available: Normal, Eco, and Sport. You can play around with these driving styles to find your flow on the road. 


The car features an intelligent lighting system that will adapt to conditions around you allowing you to always have full visibility on the roads. 


Vauxhall plan to improve their arsenal of electric vehicles over the coming years and is one of the brands at the forefront of building a fully electric range by 2024. If you are looking to make an impact on the future of our planet as well as make a better decision for you in terms of investment and reliability, choosing an electric car such as the Vauxhall Corsa-e is a great option.

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