Drive Vauxhall Win Customer Excellence Award 2018!

Added: 06 July 2018

The Vauxhall Customer Excellence Award celebrates Vauxhall dealerships that are dedicated to providing customers with an outstanding experience.

Why Drive Vauxhall Hartlepool Won

To win the Customer Excellence Award, a Vauxhall dealer has to be highly professional and provide an exceptionally attentive customer service with clear and apt communication.

At Drive Vauxhall Hartlepool, our expert team have been noticed for their continuous performance in providing outstanding customer service. Drive really go the extra mile in ensuring our customers are helped to find their perfect car, giving an all-round service to each and every person that steps through our doors!

Drive Vauxhall Customer Excellence Award 2018

What Vauxhall Say

“Vauxhall is dedicated to delivering an outstanding customer experience, and we couldn’t do that without the dedication and enthusiasm of the sales and service teams in our franchised Retailers across the UK. Each year Vauxhall Retailers compete to earn the coveted Customer Excellence Award, awarded to the “Best of the Best.”

Drive Hartlepool have not only earned this distinction consistently, but they sit in first position for all Vauxhall’s objective measures for customer excellence. Drive Hartlepool can confidently claim that they are the “Best of the Best” for Customer Satisfaction.”

Peter Hope, Director of Strategy and Customer Quality, Vauxhall Motors Limited.

Leave Drive With A Smile

Receiving the Customer Excellence Award 2018 is proof that you can count on us, here at Drive Vauxhall!

As this award is decided by customers like you, you know it is an opinion you can rely on. The Award is given to the retailer who has the best combined recommendation score, given in thousands of customer surveys.

Throughout Drive Vauxhall, we strive to provide excellent customer service to our customers, so being given this year’s Customer Excellence Award shows that our dealerships are the highest achievers for ensuring your journey, from search to sale, is enjoyable and stress-free!

Vauxhall Customer Excellence Award 2018

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