Drive Vauxhall presents 16-seater minibus to Rhubarb Farm

Added: 15 March 2019

Drive Vauxhall Nuneaton were among the generous contributors to a 16-seater minibus presented to Rhubarb Farm, social enterprise supporting people with multiple and complex needs. 

After being asked by Pete Smith, CEO of Efficiency East Midlands (EEM), who donated £12,000 for the minibus, Drive knocked nearly £5,000 off the price of the bus. 

EEM also mobilised 22 other companies to contribute.  Jennie Street, Managing Director of Rhubarb Farm said, “This is an incredibly generous donation towards our work. We are based in a rural area and it will really help people to reach us, so we can help them improve their lives. 

This is an example of corporate social responsibility at its best and we are so grateful to all those concerned.”