Why Should I Buy An 18 Reg Vauxhall?

Added: 09 March 2018

The six-monthly registration change is an exciting time for the car industry. It’s a time when all car manufacturers debut their latest models and new spec vehicles.

You might be unsure whether to upgrade your old Vauxhall for a new one, so here’s some reasons why you should get a new 18 plate Vauxhall from us!

Vauxhall SUV Range

Be The First

If you purchase a new 18 plate Vauxhall car, you will be the first to buy a never seen or used before car, and be amongst a limited amount of people who have the latest car model available as the 18 reg Vauxhall’s will only be sold until 31st August, which is when the next registration plate will be released.

Show Off The Latest Car

Getting an 18 reg car will show you are debuting the best version on the Vauxhall model you’re driving from the unique number plate which specifies important information about the car. The first two letters on a number plate identify the area code where the vehicle was registered, for example, if your registration plate says ‘FD18’, your car was registered in Nottingham in March 2018.

New Vauxhall Astra

Newer For Longer

New cars are always fresh and as long as you take good care of it, it will feel in pristine condition for longer. Not only do our new Vauxhall’s look and feel great to drive, but they’re fitted with the latest technology, so your car won’t be stuck in the dark ages. You’ll stay connected on the road with the most efficient technology available, as the 18 reg Vauxhall’s have up-to-date controls for all your needs.

The Best Deals

Here at Drive, we have the very best new 18 reg Vauxhall car deals available, including our current offer on the new 18 plate SUVs! With this latest offer, you can get £1000 extra for a part exchange of your old car, with £500 worth of fuel. This makes it easy to upgrade your older car, for the very latest from Vauxhall, making yourself stand out from the crowd.

If you want a new car but aren’t sure which, the release of the 18 reg Vauxhall’s mean you can get amazing discounts on new 67 and 17 reg cars. So make sure you keep updated with the latest Drive Vauxhall new car offers here!

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