Vauxhall OnStar

What is Vauxhall OnStar?

Vauxhall OnStar is your in-car ‘concierge service’ providing a direct link between your car and Vauxhall by using GPS technology and 4g Wi-Fi. OnStar can help with technical queries, automatically alert emergency services in the event of a crash and can even help trace your car if it is stolen! Vauxhall provides a year’s free subscription to OnStar on selected new cars, after which annual subscription costs just £79, although the wi-fi hotspot requires a 4G signal to work and will cost extra.

The diagnostic systems monitor things like your tyre pressures and engine oil level, which can be viewed using a smartphone app or e-mailed to you and dashboard warning lights can be diagnosed by an OnStar advisor, who can book your car in for service or repair if necessary. The OnStar smartphone app can remotely lock and unlock the car’s doors and pinpoint its location on a map, making forgetting where you’ve parked or searching for it in a crowded car park a thing of the past. The app also has a timer function that can be set to remind you when your parking ticket is about to expire!

What can OnStar do?

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Automatic Crash Response

Automatic Crash Response

What would you do if you had an accident and couldn't call for help?
The moment your airbag deploys, an OnStar advisor makes contact with you over the hands-free speakerphone. At the same time, the system locates your car - so emergency services can be dispatched to your side if necessary.


Automatic Crash Response


If you have an accident and can’t call for help, Vauxhall OnStar reacts instantly.

The second your airbag inflates:

  • Automatic Crash Response opens a direct line to a trained Vauxhall OnStar advisor, who’ll talk to you in your chosen language (even if you’re abroad) via the hands-free speakerphone
  • Vauxhall OnStar sends a report to our Service Centre, including your location, travel direction, vehicle colour and the extent of the damage

Emergency services immediately head to the accident scene, if your vehicle report warrants it.

Roadside Assistance


If your vehicle breaks down, Vauxhall OnStar is there, too.

  • If you’re in a remote area or can’t get a phone signal, press the Service button to talk to an Vauxhall OnStar advisor
  • Your advisor will take down your problem and send a professional breakdown recovery team to your location.

24H Emergency Call Service


If a medical emergency affects you or your passengers, Vauxhall OnStar is ready to help.

  • Press the SOS button for a direct line to an Vauxhall OnStar service advisor
  • If necessary, your advisor will send details of your exact location to the relevant emergency services, who will immediately come to your aid


Onstar Roadside Assistance


Broadband makes life easier and more fun, so use Vauxhall OnStar to create an in-car wi-fi hotspot.

  • Enjoy fast and stable internet access on the move.
  • Smartphones, laptops, tablets and more – your hotspot will support up to seven devices.
  • Vauxhall OnStar’s powerful roof antenna reliably connects you to high-speed internet services.

Smartphone App


When do I need to fill up? What‘s my tyre pressure? Where did I park? Use your Vauxhall OnStar smartphone app to:

  • Display key diagnostics (like tyre pressure, fuel and oil levels) anytime, anywhere.
  • Lock and unlock your car doors remotely.
  • Locate your vehicle if you can’t remember where you last parked.
  • Once you’re close to your car, flash the lights and honk the horn to identify it.
  • Enter your destination address into your smartphone and send it to your car‘s navigation system.

Remote Control for your Car


If you forget your smartphone or lock yourself out of your car, just cal lVauxhall OnStar Service.Once our advisor has checked your security PIN, they’ll locate your car and lock it – or unlock it remotely so you can get in. Problem solved.

Onstar Roadside Assistance


If your car is not where you parked it, Vauxhall OnStar can confirm if it’s been stolen – and help you get it back.

  • Once you report the theft to the police, your Vauxhall OnStar advisor can use the crime reference number to start searching for your car.
  • Vauxhall OnStar’s GPS technology will confirm your Vauxhall’s location.
  • If the thief turns off the engine, Vauxhall OnStar can deactivate the ignition, effectively immobilising your car. The police can then recover it.


Vehicle diagnostics keep you up-to-date with your car’s health of so you can avoid unexpected repairs.

  • If you see a warning light in the dash, press the Service button. Your advisor will assess your car remotely and tell you if you need a mechanic.
  • If you do, we’ll send your nearest Vauxhall dealer’s address to your navigation system.
  • At your request, Vauxhall OnStar can also send you a monthly email showing your car‘s oil level, tyre pressure and other data, to help you stay in control.


‘Isn’t that museum around here?’ ‘Where’s that great restaurant?’ ‘Is this the stadium?’ Vauxhall OnStar is always ready to help when you’re in doubt about locations, directions or destinations.

  • Use the Service button to contact your Vauxhall OnStar advisor. They’ll pinpoint your destination and send the address to your vehicle´s navigation system.
  • Destination Download saves time and calms nerves – for example, by helping you easily switch destination en route.


You are always in complete control of what Vauxhall OnStar can and can’t do.

  • Once you’ve registered and activated Vauxhall OnStar, you can access every Vauxhall OnStar service.
  • To safeguard your security, several services (including Remote Door Lock/Unlock and Stolen Vehicle Assistance) will ask for your PIN.
  • To prevent Vauxhall OnStar from accessing your car’s location, press the Privacy button. Vauxhall OnStar will only override this request in an emergency.
  • Vauxhall OnStar will never sell on your information. Your information will only be disclosed to OnStar, its affiliated or associated companies, retailers and companies working on behalf of Vauxhall OnStar (‘selected third parties’).

Onstar Roadside Assistance

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Please note: OnStar is ceasing to supply the services to OnStar equipped Vauxhall cars and vans after 31 December 2020.

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